Best rides at seaworld san diego

It’s another (unforgettable) thing entirely to get up close to the creatures—and even touch them.Other shows invite you to see what park residents can do.Climb aboard a host of rides, too, including Manta, a high-tech coaster that has you twisting, diving and turning like a ray.Even from your first few steps into the park, Sea World aims to transport you to the edges of the ocean and beyond.From swooshing and swooping rides to interactive shows and million-gallon aquariums, this is one theme park that truly makes a big, big splash.See—and learn about—the amazing undersea worlds of animals from around the globe, including walruses, sea lions, polar bears, and penguins.See (and touch) harmless rays and sharks, and be entertained by Shamu and other killer whales , as well as dolphins, in daily shows and presentations.