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The reason that Isaiah made that request is because he doesn’t believe this person who is supposed to represent him is speaking for his best interests, acting one way with him and completely differently in court, according to Isaiah.He has asked a number of times to speak, but has been silenced at every turn.When his mother was told at the hospital that she couldn’t see her son anymore, Isaiah had no idea.Isaiah wants to be what he hasn’t seen recently, and take the very things that have been used to harm him and use them for good.He misses being at home with his mom and having his room at his own house. His mother committed the “cardinal sin” of asking for a second opinion, and now the 17-year-old is at the center of a custody battle between the woman who has loved and cared for him since birth, and a hospital and CPS in Illinois — a state he only visited for the purpose of surgery for his rare medical condition, called neurofibromatosis, a rare condition which causes painful tumors on the nerves. After the staff was unable to do anything about his pain or the seizures that began during surgery, Michelle asked for a second opinion and tried to transfer his care to a facility that might be able to do something for him. Both Michelle and Isaiah report that this came out of nowhere.He has been allowed to return to his home state of Missouri, but he isn’t at home yet.

When asked if he thought the doctors considered how this would affect him emotionally, he said, “I don’t think they cared.” Isaiah has not been permitted to testify on his own behalf.After all that he has suffered, Isaiah Rider believes that “God has some really good plans for me for the future.” Team Isaiah is the Facebook page that has been set up by supporters working tirelessly to bring attention to Isaiah and Michelle Rider’s story.The doctors blamed his mother, he says, saying that she medically abused him.He said that the hospital had him so drugged up on medications that he didn’t even realize what had happened at first.His requests for a new guardian ad litem have been ignored.