Botox under eyes to open

To avoid getting botched Botox, it is imperative that you get your Botox from a board-certified, experienced physician. Go to multiple places for Botox consultations so you can compare consistencies in treatment suggestions.If one doctor says one thing but the other doctor says something different, go to a third doctor to see what they think.The next section will cover the things you should and shouldn't do before, during, and after Botox to ensure you get the best results.Look at patient before and after pictures, but keep in mind that pictures can be touched up and doctor's offices usually select the most dramatic before and after Botox pictures to put in their patient albums.This section, Part 5 of 6, discusses these Botox mistakes and what can be done to fix them or prevent them from occurring.Some people have negative experiences with Botox because of side effects.When Botox is used appropriately, it is one of the safest treatments for reducing wrinkles.If there is a Botox "sale" going on somewhere (like a ridiculous 50% off Botox), avoid it like the plague.However, Botox is expensive and some people get side effects, like bruising, that detract from the overall treatment experience.