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speaking of part, partifiipe : participle things as contra-dis- peint pcinture : painting tinguished from per- pers personne cheni chemistry Lsons) phot photographie chim chiniie phys physique com commerce : commercial pi pluriel : plural COf O'. The initiator and inspirer of this work, John Bellows, has not lived to see its publication. Post-haste : Perte^ [hanter) to frequent [chasser) to hunt: to hunt [ou run] after (things] [un ri.sque) to run (the risk of ...] to lead a loose life [X) to scour [4) to scud : to sail : to bear down (upon] [noeud) to slip I au plus presse. Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. to irritate : to provoke COUR'ROUX' wrath : anger COURS" course t*^ : length : flow [com) current price : rate [enseignrat.) course on courses of lectures (de, on] lessons (de, in] ... could (ou can) run | En [persj Out : gone out | Faire cles,^s, To run errands | de FOND' long distance race | _ de TAUREAUX" bu U-flght | _ de VITESSE sprint-race | _ de YACHTS-. To have : to be able to command | Se , To pre- pare : to be disposed DISPOSITIF arrangement: contrivance: motion DISPOSITION" _ 03^ (a, to] arrangement : design : tendency : taste : aptitude [dr, etc.) disposal : provision | a. At ...'s dis- posal I En bonne Well and hearty | En bonnes s. to be dissimilar (de, to] ^DISSEJHNATION" _ [7iecft«-n»i] " Diss^miner' to. | ' dans I'oeil a,' To strike ...'s fancy | raison, tort, a, To say ... To get into the narrows | sur un rocher, To strike on a rock | sur la barre, To get over the bar 1 Faire la garde. sleeping [eau) standing [fixe) fixed [com) dull [it) standing [dr) dormant DORMEUR -EUSE sleeper : sluggard DORMEUSE great easy-chair : ear-ring DORMIR sleep : rest vn. Spine [.draught DOM ENGLISH-FRENCH DOR Dominee'r vn. DRUGG'IST droguiste : pharmacien ■"DRUM [X & tech) tambour : caisse [of ear) S tympan [party) soiree [of figs) caisse [of oil) * bonbonne | Big , Orosse caisse | Kettle , c Tinibale \ Side , Cktisse rmtlante \ -MAJOR •c tambour-major 1 STICK baguette de T H [fowls) pilon : ctcme | Drum [-mme'd] vn. secher | up, secher [ponds, or tears) tarir | Dry a. De quoi vivre | To know well , Sa- voir fort bien | Strong _ to .... \ To it to me, Mettre cela a mon compte | To an action against, Intenter un proces a ... _] space between (de, ...] middle : partition lagric.) trench [des lames) trough (of the sea] [de chemise, de poignet) insertion [ad.) so so : middling ENTREE [de, to : en. a 4 «l oj Tu I ■ •» DICTIONARY OF FRENCH AND ENGLISH ENGLISH AND FRENCH COMPILED BY JOHN BELLOWS RKVISED AND ENLARGED BY HIS SON WILLIAM BELLOWS WITH THE ASSISTANCE OF Auou STK Marrot Gustav^k Fbiteau Of/Icier de V Inslruction Pii Uiqve, Professettr d' Anglais an Lycie Hoehe, Etc. ri"^HE present work has been designed to provide tlie student with the enlarged edition of J_ Bellows' "French and English Pocket Dictionary," for whicli he has long been asking. curved ; crooked (.contour lines Courber- [& Se ] v. il n'y a plus DONEE' donataire La y revenir DONG'A Idong'-ghe'i [Africa] ravin DONK'EY ane : bourrique | _ BOILEE chaii- diere auxiliaire \ EN'GINE petit cheval | _ FEED PUMP cheval alimentaire DO'NOR donateur -(rice | Don't [r. Carbon copy DOUBLE rolled gold articles DOUBLEMENT" doubling | _ ad. to double [robe) to line (de, with] [plier) to fold [parer) to clear | en cuivre, To copper-bottom DOUBLON" —loon [de-h UMnel [typ) double DOUBLURE lining [pers) substitute Dotice a. Doux] DOUCE- Ait ERE bitter-sweet, ou woody night- Doucedtre a. gently: softly: slowly : quiet- ly : sweetly : pleasantly | ! etc.) to execute the drapery of [fig) to censure | Se dans, [fam] To-put on a show of DRAPERIB [woollen) drapery : cloth-trade DRAPIER" clothier [marchand) woollen-draper DRAYE 1 printaniere. Debenture] DRECHE [brewers) grains (pi] DRELIN" tinkling | _ ! To prepare for action | Se To stand up : to train o'self DRESSEUR trainer (&c. Dresser] DRESSOIR dresser : sideboard DRA ENGLISH-FRENCH DRI DRAWBACK [customs) [fig) inconvenient : desavantage DRAWBRIDGE pont-levis (or -tournant] DRAWER [of a bill) tireur [of water) puiseur, -eiise [wooden, ic.) tiroir | Chest of S, Com- mode I — S (pi] ou Pair of S, Calera\vn a. men] camionneur DREAD [_dredd] terreur : crainte \ In of, De C de ... terrible : epouvantable [ta.) craindre : redouter | f ul a. DROITE right hand : right side [parliament) Conservatives (pi] Igeom) straight line | a , On [ou to] the right | _! comically \'l)adlot' DRo LERIE drollery : piece of D | DRo LESSE DROMADAIRE dromedary [dre-mm' e-de-re] DRI ENGLISH-FRENCH DRO DRINK boisson [drunkenness) ivresse \ Some , a boire | f). degoutter : tomber goutte a gotitte I —STONE larmier | DRIPP'ING graisse c Se r6ti [leakage) gouttes (pi] -PAN lechefrite | -wet a. Driven] •° [from, de : to, a : into, dans] pousser [to go, •jjou come) aller : venir [horses, etc.) conduire y [nails,etc.)enfoncer : ' planter' [to beat) battre ^. qui radote DRI'VER [drover) conducteur [of carriage, cab) .^cocher [of motor-car) chauffeur [carter) voi- * turier [of camel) chamelier [mule) muletier '"[tool) chassoir | Engine , Mecanicien DRIVING [verbal noun, rendered in Fr. due : owing | En port , Carriage forward (i.e., not paid] DUG duke [V. D with swords | Le , Duelling | DUELLISTE _t Duire va. to suit : to please DULCIFICATION- _ | Dulcifler' va. duly ; in due form DUNE sand-hill : dune | _S' [pi] downs DUNETTE [J] poop : hurricane deck DUO duet (de, on] [fig) exchange : cross-fire DRO ENGLISH-FRENCH DUL Drop'slcal [fce-l] a. eclairer : illuniiner _MENT himieres ipl] Age of _, Siecle de I's Enlist' va. [de, from : a, to] to carry [ou lead, ou hurry] ... away, on, into : to allure : to involve • to bring about : to lead to [sports) to train [course de bicycl.) to go as pace-maker ENTRAf NEUR trainer [de cycliste) pace-maker ENTRAIT" tie-beam [superieur) collar-beam ENTRANT' | s et sortants. ingoing [fig) insinuating ENTRAVE impediment | _S' (pi] clog : log: shackles (pi] obstacles (pi] r" va. a little ENTRECHAT" | Faire un _, To cut a caper s'Entre-choquer" vr. with) to intermingle : to intersperse | S' , To interfere ENTREMET'S' dishes served up after the joint : sweet dishes : dish ENTREMETTEUR -EVSE go-between s'Enlreiiiettre vr. partioipe passe ; past dr droit : law participle ilectr electrieite : electricity se prononce gen genie : engineering sing singulier : singular »e'03 geographic subj. Another name to be remembered witii gratitude for good work done in days gone by, is that of the late Professor Alexandre Beljame, whose services — so valuable in the revision of the original edition — were unfortunately not available in the preparation of the present one. short : limited [od.) short | Couper' a ..., To cut ... to dissect —QU'EUR dissector DISSERTATION" _ [teche-mi] (sur, on] DISSIDENCE _ : dissent DISSIDENT' -E dissenter [a.) dissenting Dissimilaire a. o dans sorf] DONA donna DONATAIRE [* f.] beneficiary : donee DONATEUR-TRICJS donor : giver DONATION- — : gift [F. c at beginning or end of sentence, and before vowel] conj. : to get : to set up (pour, for] to take : to occur [bataille) to be fought | Se des airs, To give o'self airs | Se la inort. He is gone to sleep : he is asleep | Ne _ que d'un oeil. qui a soif [droll)piquant[wearisome)ennuyeux | 'To be kept ,' [parcel] ' Craint I'humidite' \ It is weather, II fait sec | FELL'OW" pince- sans-rire | -GOODS STORE [Amer.] maga- sin de nouveautes | -NURSE bonne d'enfant : notirrice seche \ _ PLATE pjo^tte | -ROT pourriture seche \ -shod ad. _S (pi] siccatif DRYING dessechement : dessication I -ROOM sechoir [for paper) etendoir | -STOVE etuve Dry'ly, Drl'ly [drat-J^] ad. Service Order, Medaille militaire] Du'al [dtou-e-J] a. armer [fam) baptiser DUBB'ING [de-6] degras DUBI'ETY Ibdi] incertitude Du'bious Idioiibe-ye-ss'i a. S'inscrire | To _ the ARMY, the NAVY, Prendre du service [or du S dans la nutrine} 'En'tere"d' a. amusant | MENT divertissement : festin : file : hos- pitalite [reception) accueil | Evening , Soiree | Theatrical S, (pi] Le spectacle /Enlhro'ne va. 1 •.■ Wh ftre s word it almost Identical In the two languages, It is given in tlils list in French only, to save repetition. ■ ' argot : slang surgery astr astronomie met metal : metallurgy auto automobile : motor-car min niineralogie : mines bias blason : heraldry wilts ))uist7iie : music hot botaniqtte : botany on pr. It is not a simple matter, in a book like this, to suit the needs of every reader upon all occasions ; neither is it easy, where space is a consideration, to avoid the sacrifice of certain words of secondary value which may yet be full of interest and meaning. SS»,| 2.2.2 : 0.2 2 i.2.2 'S • .2 « , S .1; .t; -O -5 - ■ = i 2 3 H 1 § s M 1 s ^ Hi - r 3 73 ■o =5 ^ -S '.3 ^ , g s j; * s 2 5 =0 .2 s ■D .2 s 2 H 1 1. I de spectacles, Play-goer COVREUSE loose woman D'i""«wt) racer COUROE gourd : pumpkin : pole : bracket Courir v. To stand in for land | le monde, To travel | Lebniitcourt que, There is a rumour that I' J'y cours ! to crown (de, with] to awanl a prize to \ La fin I'cetivre, ' Finis coronat opus ' I Se , To be crowned [cheval) to brei^k his knees Cour're vn. to arrange : to prepare : to get ready : to dispose (a. to cavil : to wrangle DISPUTE _ : discussion : contest Disputer' vn. about] to debate : to dispute (sur, on] to vie (de. [sport] to disqualify DISQUE disc : disc signal : quoit : discus [de gramoph.) record DISSECTION" [t as f] _ [seit-ch«-n»i] g Dissemblable a. to strike [ou hit] (contre, against] to fall : to run [ou get] (dans, into] [soleil) to shine : to get [vent) to blo"w : to get [sur) to look (into, out upon] [dans) to be fond of [X) to charge [du cor) to sound | a boire a ..., To give ... tile) remplissage [va.) marquer d'un P : mettre un P sur [mus) pointer | DOTTED LINE, pointille DO'TAGE [6] In his _, Tombe en enfance Dote vn. se redresser : se ranger A point (S") means silent, or GN" LL" L' liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. HAIR] DRESS'ING toilette [of wounds, horses) panse- ment [stuffs, food, tech, &c.) appret [of skins) corroyage [manure) fofon [fam) correction : 'tripotee' \ -CASE necessaire (de toilette} -GOWN robe de cliambre | -ROOM cabinet de r I _ TABLE table de T DRESS'MAKER cmitnriere \ —MAKING con- fections pour dames \ —MAKING E8TAB'- LISHMENT maison de cot Uiire : tnaison de confectiotis pour dames ' Dress'y ' a. drole | A _ FELLOW Un drole de ^g corps I A THING, line drole de chose ■w DRO'LLERY plaisanterie : drolerie DROM'EDARY [dre-mel [] spare spare (pi] boate (pi] DEOSSE [A] truss : lashing Dru -e a. thick : fast : hard ORUIDE^d I DRUIDESSE —ess Druidique a. assoupi | I am , J'ai envie de ^ dormir | I feel rather , Je me sens lourd : le sommeil me gagne ^DRUBB'ING I A good _, Une borme vo Ue DRUDGE souffre-doit Jet Jr [im.) ' trimer ' DRUDG'ERY corvee : travail penible DRUG drogue \ ... est invendable | STORE pharmade | Drug [-gge'd] va. au son du tambour '^ DRUMM'ER tambour [American sense) com- P mis voyageur:placier [DRUMM'INGbruit du tambour [American) 'la place' Drunk ijp. Drink [with, de] ivre : 'so Ol' | Dead , Ivre-mort DRUNK' ARD [dre-gn-ke-rde} ivrogne -esse Drunk'e'n a. anoblir [fig) ennoblir ENNO'BLE-MENT anoblissement Enouci'h' [e-nej(ff] ad. to cross each other s'Entre-dechlrer' to tear each other in pieces ENT^ ENGLISH-FRENCH ENT En'ter v. Side entrance ENTRKFAITKS- | Sur ces In the midst of all this : meanwhile ENTREFILET" short paragraph ENTREQENT" tact and address s'Eiilr'e(joi"gei*' to cut one another's throats [tig) to have a desperate struggle ENTRELACEMENT" interlacing : interweaving Entrelaccr' va. v.— THE FIGURES SHOWING EQUIVALENT WEIGHTS OB MEASURES AND THEIR MONEY VALUES. — de FOUDRE stroke of lightning [fig) thunder- j de FOUET" cut [bruit) crack [fig) touching up I Donner un de F, To excite 1 Donner des s de F a. out : bad turn _ FRANC" [football] free kick _ de FUSIL- shot [V. s'informer | To for, Demander | To after, Demander des noiivelles de | within. Le prix affiché pour chaque produit inclut l'Eco-Participation, le cas échéant.subjonctif «/e'ot geologic tech mot technique : tech- ge'o»i geometric nical word ffram grammairc typ typographic : printing hist histoire : history V. Others, however, have taken up the task : and among these the first place must be given to the two good helpers whose names appear upon the title-page. &H 222 2 2.^ = : u U U ^ H P^ : : :^ S : M = •=•=£ :il : P? short | Le plus , The shortest way | Demeurer', Rester' , To stop short I a de, Short of | Pris a Taken at unawares | e et bo«ne, A ' short life and a merry one ' COURTAGE brokerage COURTAUD" 'counter-jumper' : docked horse Courtaud" -e a. diner (on, de] out, D en ville \ To with Duke Humphrey, " D par coeur' Ding-dong-bell int. dissiper : chasser DISPEN'SARY Ipenn' -ce-re'i —saire DISPENSA'TION _ : cafajjii Je' [pope's) dis- peiise I A of Providence, Un arret de fa P Disi)en'se Lpennce] va. lar DISSIMULATEUR -Tii/CE dissembler DISSIMULATION" _ [a, e] concealment DISSIMULl-S dissembler a. to dissimulate : to dissemble : to affect ignorance of (ou indifference to] to conceal (a, from] Se , To pass (out, etc.) un- observed : to hide (...) from each other DISSIPATEUR-TJJZC£ spendthrift DISSIPATION" — : waste [en bonne part) re- creation DIS ENGLISH-FRENCH DIS DIS dans les mots suivants se pr. desagreable : offensant DISPLEAS'UKE [p J4/e-"r] deplaisir : chagrin (at. se jouer : se faire un DISPO'SAL [poze-'l] disposition [sale) rente : cession | Quite at your , a votre entiere D Dispo'se va. [fig) to subdue Sd OMPTEUR tamer [fig) subduer DON" gift : present | Le de plaire, A way [fam. To commit suicide | 'S'en ,' To give o's up to : to have one's fill of it : to ' go in for it ' DON-NEUR -EUSR giver icartes) dealer Donf pron. with, from, by wliom : among whom is (ou are] [chose) which : of, in, with, among, from, ou by which DONZELLE wench Qs. [fig] sechement DRY'NESS [dra V'-)ie-ss] secheresse : aridite DRY'SALTER marchand de produits chimiques D.8. douteux : incertain I' DUCHESS —sse [slate) ardoise 60 c. Faire le plongeon o DUCK'BILL PLAT'YPUS ornithorynque q DUCK'ING plongeon [, [com] I ]fichoir I When , a I'^cheance Vd UET' [diou-e W\ duo 'DUFF'ER' [de-fe-r1 imbecile :'savetier' Dug pret. Dig] -OUT abri (de tranehie'] DUKE [dtoufce] due | _DOM [de-tn] duche DUL'CIMER tympanon ^Du U a. tremendously : to an enor- _ mous amount [ou extent] ENORMITE _ty [(niiie) enormous size [about s'Enqunirirw. graver | R graveur ENGKA'VING [a e] graiitre \ Wood _, G sur bois j Copper-plate , Taille-doitce | Half-tone , Similigravure | Line , G au Entjro'ss va. rehausser [ment ENH.-VN'CEMENT rehaussement:embellisse- Enjolii' va. mettre sur le trone ^ ENTHU'SIASM [azm] enthousiasme o ENTHU'SIAST enthousiaste : passionne (de] ^Enthusias'tic a. en enthousiaste : avec enthousi- V asme | Enlliu'se va. attirer : seduire (to a] entrainer (into, dans] MENT appat : seduction : tentation Enti'cing [to V] a. d'une maniere seduisante A point (S') means silent, or ON* LL" L' liquid ; two points (S") no liaison.

Ardouin, Guillemin, Claverie, and Hebert — compagnons de voyage on the journey from A to Z, who, by expert knowledge of the route, have made that journey easier. To each and all of tliese I offer mv sincere thanks. the dic Uonary.] Oue dot (T') marks u terminal as silent, except when the word immediately following begins with a vowel or silent h. sense] COURTISAN" courtier | De _, Courtly COURTISANE courtesan Courliser" va. courteous (pour, to] [-einf -ly] COURTOISIE [s as 2] courtesy : gentlemanly (ou ladylike) manners (pi] Courf-vfitu-e a. [) rm Iv.) courir | Fore — [A] ilfisai)ie|Main , Grand' voile : cape \ S [pi] basses voiles | 8 [med] regies \ First . DIAM^TRE diam'eter | Demi- Semi-D DIANE reveille : morning drum [ou gun] Le prix de , The French ' Oaks ' ' DIANTRE ' the Deuce | menf ad. [to, pour] desagreable [-bly, -ment] DISAGREE'ABIi ENESS [pr. (Table 16) to discourse : to des- cant (sur, upon] DISCOURS" discourse : lecture : talk | Du _, Igrani] Of sjieeeh | Faire un , To make a speech : to deliver an address (sur, on] Discourtois" -e a. In ...'s power | nnaire a — onary DISCULPATION" exculpation : exoneration Dlsculper' va. to discuss : to debate [dr) to dis- Disei'f -e [s, z"] a. DISPO'SER arbitre (des evenements] DISPOSI'TIOX d_ fea [temper) caractere : naturel | Of pleasant Sympathique Dispossess' [pe-zessj va. domm'i-ne-nnt1 leading : prevailing [passion) ruling DOMINANTE [nitts] dominant DOMINATEUR -TRICEtu Xm : master, mistress [a.) ruling : domineering DOMINATION" — [Tte-nti] dominion : rule DOC ENGLISH— FRENCH DOM Dock tve [emplacement) to command a view of : to loolv down upon ifortif.) to command fminican OOMINICAIN" -E —can friar [ou mtii] [a.) Do- Dominical -e a. [dion' -re-ie-l] lasting Duranf prep, during | DUR-BEC hawfinch Durcir va. &se vr.) to harden : to get hard [ou stiff] DURCISSE-MENT" hardening : stiffening DURE i Coucher sur la , To sleep on the bare ground | J'en vis de s, I had to rough it | En faire voir de s a C D, To lead C D a sorry life DUREE duration : continuance [etoffes) wear | L'espace et la , Time and space Dureitienf ■ ad. UR-EVSE smooth talker ENJOLIVEMENT" ENJOLIYURE set-off: or- nament : embellishment Enjoliver' va. lively : merry : bright : playful : ENJOUE-MENT" liveliness : playfulness ENLACEMENT" stringing ... to remove : to raise : to take [ou carry, ou sweep] away [ou off] to run away with : to collect [prix) to carry off' [un enfant) to kidnap | S' , To rise: to come [ou peel] off: to rub out I Se faire , To elope (par, with] s'Enliser', s'Enlizer' vr. conjonction : conjuguer : plais liar plaisanterie : in fun conjugaisoii poet poetiquemeut const constrt Ktion : building polit politique ' pop populaire "^ cuts cuisine : cookery t eye cycle : cycling pp. feminin : feminine prep, preposition fain style familier pret. pronom : pronoun fort fortification sculp sculpture fr francais : French se pr. But at his death in 1902 he left behind him something of greater value even than the manu- script upon which he loved to labour ; for in the memory of his life and work lay just that inspiration to continue to the end, which has so often been the needed mainstay of the reviser. To do the most im- portant thing tirst | tine bordee. classes : studies (pi] curriculum [lawn-t) court | Avoir , To circulate, be in legal circulation | Don- ner" a, To give vent to Znctneiir) to circulate COURSE running : race : run : ride : excursion [prix) fare [de piston) stroke [X) incursion [poet) course : career | La [»t.]Privateering| ■dla , [_voiture] By tlie course : by distance | Au pas de , As fast as . , V AUTOMOBILES-, Yacht-race, motor-R COURSIER" courser [tech)float-board : mill-race Court" -e a. deplacer | MENT de- A point (S*) means silent, or ON" LL' L" liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. In a good htmiour { a voire entiere , Entirely at vour disposal DISPROPORTION ■ _ (a. to disseminate i DISSENSION" _ [dtss-senncft-tm] * DISSENTIMENT" dissent : disagreement Dissequ'er* va. To order the guards to charge | Se , To be given : to buy o'sclf ... Gilt top | Jeunesse e, Gilded youth | Aigle , Golden eagle Dorenavanf ad. to gild [x)dtiaserie) to glaze | la pih Ue, [fig] To gild the pill DOREUR -EUSE gilder | Dorique a. to coddle | Se , To o's up DORMANT" standing part : becket | Faire a. (Table 14) to sleep [fig) to slumber : to be still I II dort. sec : aride [pond) tari : a sec [dried) desseche [thirsty) ... | To on, Aborder : commencer:entreprendre: prendre possession de | To one's name. ent^rique _ FE'VER la fleire typhoide EN'TERING-IN entree EN'TEEPRISE [pra'tze] entreprise : hardiesse | Man of great Homme entreprenant | By private Par V initiative privee En'lerprising a. [guests, etc.) recevoir [with, de) amuser : regaler [an opinion) avoir [a hope) nou'rrir | I could not the idea, Je ne puis en admettre un instant I'idee \ ER [of guests] bote : hotesse | Inji a. into, on] entrance : ad- mission : freedom of access : beginning : lirst appearance ; rise [en seat Ke) opening [com) entry idoiiane) duty : import D lueog) mou Hi : inlet {fiitisine) 'entree' [meat with sauces, ragouts, garnishing, etc.] D' de jeu. Vn.— THE TRANSLATION OF ALL WORDS AND PHRASES GIVEN IN THE FOLLOWING PAGES. Oermain 19 West Utii Street Paris New York 1919 All rights reserved. s d Veil J glance : twinkling : quickness in seizing the main point : an eye for ... to clear DOUANIER" custom-house officer : tide-waiter | Union iere. DRESSAGE training [tech) dressing : trueing up : fitting (up] Au , In training Dresser' v. lies oreilles) to prick up lune tente) to pitch [piege) to set [ctiis) to serve ... rightly : justly DROITIER" Conservative Droitier" -iere a, right-handed DROITTJRE uprightness : straightforwardness Drolatiquea. buvable : potable DRINK'ER buveur-ejise | Hard _, Fort B DRINK'ING boire [intoxication) ila) boisson : [1') alcoolisme | Eating and , Le boire et le manger | To take to , S'adonner a la boisson\ Fit for_, [wine] En boite | -BOUT (Jebaiiehe : ' ribote ' \ -FOUNTAIN fontaine [in Paris) fontaine Wallace | -SONG chanson a boire | _ TROUGH [troffl abreuvoir a. de-k'e-tfi DUCATON" ducatoon OUCH^ duchy [de-tc MJ [titre) dukedom DVCHESSE duchess [de-tchessj DUCROIRE del credere [guarantee of debt] Ductile a. agrandir : etendre [swell) dilater [(•«.) sa [upon, sur) s'etendre ENLAR'GEMENTagrandissement : extension ''^[freedom) elargissement [med) dilatation [of ti,tiie heart) hypertrophic ENLAR'GING [g. to love each other, ou one ENTRAIN" spirit [pers) spirits (pi] life | Sans , Ipers} Listless : listlessly Entrainant' -e a. Bonded goods ENTREPOT" bonded warehouse : mart : em- porium : stores (pi] En In bond Entrepfcnant' -e a. III.— THE ARRANGEMENT OF BOTH THE FRENCH-ENGLISH AND ENGLISH-FRENCH DIVISIONS CONCURRENTLY ON THE SAME PAGE. — d't P^E sword-cut i_d'E dans J'eau, Labour _ d'fe PINGLE pin-prick L'ost: 'no go ' d'ESSAI first attempt j — d't TAT' ' ' : revolutionary measure I de I'fe TRIER" parting glass i — de FER ironing | Donner un de fer a. So also has Gustave Friteau— the enthu- siastic teacher of our language at the College of Versailles — whose work, he will admit, has been a labour of love from the beginning. en To short-circuit | Mis en _, Short-cir- cuited I Muie en , Short-circuiting 'COURTE-BOrr^' little fellow COURTEPOTNTE counterpane : quilt COURTIER" broker | '_en bkmclies,' Procurer] maritime, Ship-B | marron, inscrit. c] dispersion : prolixite DIFFU'SION ifioiije-nnl _ : propagation Diffu'sive a. ffft] [■§ desempare [X) hors de combat _ SOL'DIER, invalide Disabu'se Idiss-e-hiouzel va. mal dispose (towards, pour] DISAFFECTION des— (towards, pour] Disagree' vn. DISPEN'SER dispensateur -(rice fpharmacien DISPEN'SING dispensation \ _ CHEMIST Disper'se [ peurce'] v. [goods) montrer : exposer : etaler : mettre en etalage [troops) deployer [fig) raanifester | e'd, [typ] En vedette [advertism't) en gros caracteres Displea'se [p Jize] tw. Placer : vendre | Capital to of, Fouds disponibles | ' To be d of, ...,"a ceder ..." I Evil, well- d. [tarnish) ternir [blunt) emousser DUL'NESS stupidite [sleepiness) appesan- tissement [weariness) ennui [blunt edge) fli emousse [sound) faiblesse [tarnish) temis- sure I _ of HEARING, loreille dure | _ of V TRADE, calme dans Jes affaires Du'ly [diou-le] ad. Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. to dupe : to ' take in ' : to ' fool ' | DUPERIE trickery : duping | Frmwhe [fam] 'Regular take-in' DUPEUR -EUSE duper : deceiver DUPLICATA duplicate [aioupli-ke-tt'] DUPLICATION- — : doubling DUPLICITE _ty : deceit Duqiiel prcm. hard D;^ (de, to] firm : rougli : stiff [a, to) used : hardened | comme la pierre, As hard as iron | d'oreille, H of hearing j ffi uf , Hard-boiled egg j Pierre e. to ennoble o=^ 'i ENNUI ' ' : tediousness : tedium : weariness . to weary : to tire : to annoy : ^ ' to bore ' | S' , To be weary (de, of] to be :2 dull : to 'tire one's life out' (de, with] "Z ENNUYEUX- EUSE bore [a.) wearisome : te- H dious : tiresome : annoying [-seinenf -ly] ENONCE statement | Enoncor' va. to root | S' , To take root ENG ENGLISH-FRENCH ENQ ENGINEE'RING art de I'ingenieur : les con- structions mecaniques (pi] Civil , Le genie civil I Electrical , L'electricite inditstrielle \ To 2o in for Se faire ingenieur ENG'LISH [1') anglais ; [les) Anglais [type) corps douze ] Early [archit) du XIII" siecle [lang.) I'ancien anglais | Old , Gothique | a.