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You can use your private health insurance on a wide range of treatments and services at a time convenient to you.The trial featured 240 women who had not responded to medical treatments for overactive balder syndrome.The newspaper’s story is based on a UK medical trial that investigated whether the paralysing properties of botox were effective at reducing the symptoms such as frequently using the toilet, feeling an urgent need to urinate, and leakage in patients with overactive bladder syndrome.The newspaper said that injecting the muscle-freezing toxin into the wall of the bladder can have a long-lasting impact on overactive bladder syndrome, a major cause of incontinence.We strive to understand our patients, establish their needs and expectations and deliver results as effectively as possible.Botox may be considered as an option only if these treatments fail, and the benefits would have to be considered in relation to its potential harms.The researchers found that women who received the botox injection experienced these symptoms significantly less frequently than women who received a dummy injection of saltwater.Our Total Care all inclusive packages are designed for people who wish to fund their own treatment directly without the use of an insurance policy giving you the peace of mind of knowing everything you need is covered.However, women given botox were more likely to get urinary tract infections.We aim to deliver a unique experience developed from many years of direct experience and extensive training.Find out more Fulwood Hall Hospital is recognised by all major insurance companies.Dr James Aesthetic Clinic is an establishment providing first class non-surgical cosmetic and aesthetic treatments in an environment that is calm, comfortable and professional.

The study was carried out by researchers from the University of Leicester and was funded by the Moulton Charitable Trust and the women’s health charity Wellbeing of Women.The study was published in the peer-reviewed medical journal European Urology.As a private patient at Fulwood Hall Hospital you will receive priority access, choice of Consultant, choice of appointment times, private accommodation with en-suite rooms for overnight stays - all in a quiet, clean and modern environment.Botox injections may help women with urinary incontinence, The Daily Telegraph has today reported.If you have private medical insurance, why not ask your GP to refer you to Fulwood Hall Hospital?