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Regular meetings every second Saturday AJ SCOOTERS OF SINGAPORE : Aziz Omar 00 1 The only active and most widely received club on the island. Every detail seems to be taken care of and it's so much fun.Have fun clicking on the icons on the map below (or the state-alphabetized list) for detailed descriptions of two types of do-it-yourself bike overnight trips: Public and Not Public.Please enjoy reviewing the resources that were created for National Bike Travel Weekend, and consider using them to do a bike overnight any time of the year, not just the first weekend in June! Centuries-old roads that hug the shoreline, connecting village to village. Even a delicacy like Maine lobster still involves shells and claws. Bike to Cadillac Mountain's 1,532-foot summit, the North Atlantic Seaboard's highest point and reputedly the first US location to see the rising sun. After 3 trips with Backroads I'm positive this is one of the best vacations you can take.Please keep an eye on these pages for an official announcement of National Bike Travel Weekend 2017: June 2-4, 2017.They've listed their bike overnights so that you can get some ideas, inspiration, and perhaps organize your own trip for this very special weekend.