Helicopter rides to grand canyon from vegas

My #1 pick for best bus deals to the Grand Canyon is Paradise Found Tours. GCC gets a huge thumbs up for the variety of it's trips and add-ons (Helicopter, Hummer, river rafting, and more). Horseback riding, rafting, kayaking, helicopter flights, ATV rides, Hummer tours..name it, and Papillon can do it. Many of the largest resorts in the world are located on the Strip.Organized crime figures, such as New York's Bugsy Siegel, took interest in the former cowboy town, leading to construction of the fabled Flamingo in 1946, followed by the Desert Inn in 1950.I based my rankings on several criteria, the most important being 1) cost; 2) value; and 3) customer service. Paradise Found Tours combines great tours with excellent pricing to deliver awesome value. The bus epitomized comfort - full-size chairs, perfect climate-control, smooth ride, on-boar TV's and more. This company, which also operates helicopter flights to the Canyon, is the best at customizing your tour packages. Last time I was at the Canyon I stepped inside one of their newest motor coaches - it was great breathing in that new "coach" smell... Architecture students still read "Learning from Las Vegas," a classic textbook of the genre.The Edsels are gone, in favor of helicopters, buses and Segways. The first casino built on the old highway was the El Rancho Las Vegas, opening on April 3, 1941, with 63 rooms.The company's all-inclusive packages quite literally come with everything you need to enjoy the canyon. And noted author and cultural critic Tom Wolfe rhapsodized fondly of Strip hotel's dramatic lines, soaring swoops and neon-flecked parabolas.It stood for almost 20 years before being destroyed by a fire in 1960.The Strip's dramatic architecture has been chronicled by academics and pop-culture aficionados alike.Its success inspired Las Vegas' first boom; construction of a second hotel, the Hotel Last Frontier, began in 1942.