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From there, it’s a three to four year period of natural cultivation until it reaches market size.or at least, that’s what I had read and been told in my early oyster exploration days. There are several companies who produce and market “Bluepoint” oysters, but one dominates the game.The image above isn’t of live oysters, but rather, old oyster (and clam and mussel) shells that are being prepped for shelling. My first point of contact with this rather discrete and recluse company was through Jean Paul (aka JP) Vellotti, Bloom & Son’s former sales & marketing director, professional photographer, and oyster enthusiast. I got an email—excerpt pasted below—from JP inviting me out to learn more about Copps Island Oysters from Norm Bloom & Son.Enter Norm Bloom & Son, arguably the largest oyster producer of the Northeast, claiming that they supply 8 out of 10 Bluepoints on the market. So, I got this wild hare to do something about it, see? But today, “Bluepoints” have become a generic name used to sell any Virginica oyster from the Long Island Sound in the New York and Connecticut harvest regions, or from as far away as New Jersey, Maryland, and Virginia (nonsensical, but true).This three-generation family business has been working the Connecticut waters since the 1940’s and have mastered growing oysters at scale.Our bottom planted oysters start life as wild set which attaches to the dry shell we spread out during the summer.As a result, there is a great deal of variability in the quality and taste. I’m very glad to say that there is more to the story of the Bluepoint than what is commonly told…Using JP (see top image, bottom right) as a reference point… I estimated that this man-made midden is roughly 20 feet high and roughly 100 feet long. Sadly the project never got fully funded, but some pieces of the Laurel will continue to live on in a form that will be officially made available next month! It might be a good chance to compare/contrast how traditional oyster growers like ourselves differ from seasonal aquaculture farms.