Operation varice au laser game

Not suitable for big twisted veins, as it’s harder for the laser to pass through, says vascular surgeon John Scurr, of the Lister Hospital.Normally, valves in the vein keep blood moving toward the heart.Patients can often get brown marks along the track of the vein caused by blood leaking — these remain for a few months.This method uses heat from a radiofrequency electric current to destroy the veins.It also requires around ten quite painful injections of anaesthetic into the leg and there can be several days of discomfort after surgery.There are several different treatments, but experts agree it’s important to find the right method for you because there are different types of varicose vein.‘The best surgeons are the ones who can do several or all of the operations rather than just pushing one technique over the others — I think it is similar to having a full golf bag of clubs and being able to select the correct club for the correct shot.The bubbles come from the air in the foaming detergent and these can get injected into the vein.That’s why some of the most effective techniques are only available privately. Instead, your options are limited to stripping, sclerotherapy and surgery.’The technique, called endovenous laser ablation, uses heat to blast the vein wall, destroying it.Relatively high recurrence rate (30 per cent after two years) compared to laser or radiofrequency, says Mr Chaloner, but it is easy to repeat.An added complication is that it’s increasingly difficult to get varicose veins treated on the NHS.‘One theory is these may be triggered by bubbles from the foam travelling up to the brain.

The stockings may also relieve swelling and aching in your legs.‘There have been some reported cases of transient mini-strokes after treatment,’ says Mr Chaloner.As part of cost-cutting measures, only around 30 per cent of those who need surgery will be offered treatment — and this tends to be traditional open surgery where the veins are ‘stripped’ out.‘These days the likelihood of complications such as ulcers is what qualifies a patient being treated by a specialist.The vein then disintegrates over the next six months, though this won’t initially be visible to the patient.With varicose veins, the valves do not function properly, allowing blood to remain in the vein. Varicose veins can form with age, though being pregnant or overweight are risk factors, as these place increased pressure on the veins.